The purpose of the group is to encourage the development and growth of businesses in the Michiana area by providing financial backing for ventures with good potential but limited resources. This will be relatively high-risk investment, but the long-term returns are expected to be appropriate for the level of risk.

Members must be “accredited investors” under federal securities laws, with sufficient assets that the loss of any individual investment would not be a significant hardship. It is anticipated that most members will have business or technical experience, in many cases as business owners. The group can be most effective by pooling the know-how as well as the discretionary investment capital of its members.

The group is managed and operated by its members. There is an annual membership fee used for purchasing support functions such as proposal screenings, prospect orientations, website support. Meetings are held bi-monthly to review investment proposals by companies seeking capital. Members individually decide whether to invest and the level of their investment. Due diligence will be completed by the members.  The internal process of working together to invest in local companies is described in the “MAGNET Operating Policies” as approved by the members.  Each member is required to agree to the Operating Policies.  Members may leave the group at any time.

Jim Larkin
Larry Garatoni
Mike Lindburg



The goal of the MAGNET Investors is to:

1)    Provide quality investment opportunities for qualified investors.

2)    Assist area entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists with determining the economic feasibility of their ideas.

3)    For viable business opportunities, provide funding and/or direct the company to other funding sources.

4)    Help stimulate the growth of the local economy.